Wednesday, March 3, 2010

a melancholy state of mind...the connecticut chapter...

Don't you all wish you had a friend you could walk for hours with while listening to music, never saying a word but enjoying each others company all the same. Welcome to my wonderful day, with my best friend, Caitlyn.

It's spring break and I adore being home. I'm going to the city tomorrow for a night, and like though I'm excited about the company I will be with I'm really going to miss my puppies and being in Connecticut. I love the woods. Sometimes I tire so much of the busy, NYC.

Though I love it there, I love being home more. And I love my wonderful dogs.... They are the bestest dogs in the whole wide world. Well anyway, I'm going to try to update more.

Since my breakup....i've decided I'm trying to find Oz. I know you might think I'm crazy but when I was younger I read L. Frank Baums' writing almost everyday. I own almost every book of his, and it was truly the first time that i could escape into a magical world. I love the idea of magic, and sometimes I really feel like Dorothy...except I'm not IN Oz.....but I desperately want to be. Well on that note....till next time <3

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