Sunday, October 10, 2010


So.....its been a while.  Honestly, haven't had a moment to breathe.

Things are SO different now than last year at this time.  I've been so happy.  I started working at Grassroots Campaigns on behalf of the ASPCA in the end of May.  It's been incredible learning how to canvass, and really throw all those inhibitions of reject OUT the window and stand on the street all day long trying to get people involved in organizations that do amazing work, at a level that they're comfortable with....of course!

I campaigned and raised awareness for the ASPCA for about four months.  My time there me and my crews raised thousands upon thousands of dollars, all going directly to help animals in need.  Canvassing gives me a high that I don't get from performing.  It's activism at its rawest most beautiful self and suffice to say I LOVE IT.  I'm currently still at Grassroots campaigning for Planned Parenthood Federation of America.  It's really amazing to have about thirty conversations every single day that are filled with insight, passion, and real-world experiences.  Getting people to give, in honor of women and teens all over this country, and their reproductive health is so rewarding. 

On top of that, I'm still singing my heart out, taking some really interesting classes and excelling at them, and overall having a wonderful time.  I really love life.  And to make it better, I turn 21 in EXACTLY one week!  Woohoo!!

Till next time, all.


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