Tuesday, February 1, 2011

77% of anti-abortion leaders are men. 100% of them will never be pregnant.

Since I quit being a canvasser for Grassroots Campaigns working on behalf of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, I haven't missed much- except one thing, the high.  Yes I said the high.  The HIGH you get when you KNOW you are TRULY making a difference in the world.   

Talking to people, women-men alike about issues that matter such as affordable birth control, the importance of choice, and sex education was truly some of the best months of my life.  But it doesn't have to stop there, I can make a difference and when I read the following the other day the activist in me reignited and I realized I don't have to stand on the streets of Manhattan to do so.  So here we go.  Grab a tissue your eyes might start bleeding.

Representative Smith (R-NJ) introduced a bill that would penalize women who are raped and would effectively ban private insurance coverage for abortion for millions of women — even for women who have such coverage today. This bill would reverse existing protections that guarantee millions of women access to abortion coverage when their life is in danger. Most heartlessly, this cruel bill even bans federal funding for abortion in cases of rape that are not deemed “forcible.”

Rep. Smith and his extreme anti-choice colleagues have taken their campaign against women’s health and rights to a new low, and they must be stopped. Do your part now. Tell Congress to reject this attack on women’s health.

Source-  The Planned Parenthood Action Center Website,  http://www.plannedparenthoodaction.org

'Forcible rape'? How is that even defined? There is no definition in the bill. Maybe I'm a do-gooder liberal who fell for the whole "no means no" mantra. Or that rape isn't sex, it's violence. But if a woman or girl gets pregnant through incest or rape (in ALL ways it is defined or understood) the government should not limit her choice by withholding the funding she could use to end the pregnancy -- if she chooses to do so.

"It speaks to a distinction between rape where there must be some element of force in order to rise to the standard, and rape where there is not," said Steph Sterling, director of government relations for the National Women's Law Center. "The concern here is that it takes us back to a time where just saying no was not enough."

People say Californication and Entourage are misogynistic, what about this bill? Rape is defined as forced, unwanted sexual intercourse.  Deeming some rapes "forcible" and some not is preposterous.  This is the first of many posts on this subject.   Me and a few fellow activists are calling over 1000 New Jersey Households over the next few days urging them to speak up against this BIGOT.  I will not be truly happy with myself as a person, unless I do everything I can to combat this crazy asshole and make sure women continue to be able to have the right to choose.    So you guys get out there and do the same, Read Up, Spread the Word, Sign Petitions, and Make a DIFFERENCE.

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  1. Hi, I live in the London UK and we have the 40 day for life crew doing their lent marathon. I am 61 years old and remember the days when abortion wasn't legal, so these people just incense me!! I work a few doors down from BPAS, (British Pregnancy Advice Service)and I support them as much as I can. I have now taken to standing next to them in my lunch hour with Pro Choice flyers! They don't like it one little bit. Especially as people come up to me and say well done and thanks. But in this country, so the police tell me, I have the right to protest - so I do.