Monday, April 26, 2010


I am so lucky to have such a talented best friend.  
Not only talented, but at times one of my only inspirations (besides my family).
He is really quite amazing, and I think the world should see that...

click me to see what I mean.

I love how even though I don't have many friends, the friends I do have are amazing, talented wonderful people.  

Improvisation is really hard, and Trevor does it with SUCH class and grace.  I'm proud to be his best friend :)  

I love talented people, and I feel so blessed to have SO many friends that are so artistic and talented in many different ways.  Eclectic is a good word to use to describe my friends as far as their differences are concerned.  

so please, click the link.  

AND if you've noticed I've been SOOOO much better about updating.  Yes thank you, hold your applause. 

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