Monday, April 19, 2010

break my ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hheart.......

I love regina spektor. 
 as someone who recently had her heart broken, I love listening to her.  
I love how she uses her lyricism to express her creativity and story.

Her music makes me feel so melancholy in a good way.
Inspiring me to express my true feelings.
I think the music industry in general really in the last few decades progressively began to loose the success of "the story".
you are always telling a story when you are singing.  you're not just opening your mouth and hoping for the best.  
I believe it is vital to not forget
Think Queen, The Beatles, Bruce, Pink Floyd, 
all the great "oldies"
they told a story. they didn't just sing.
thats so...


Freaking KE$HA?  What is she?  Where did she come from, and can she PLEASE go away and NEVER return?  
I'm not trying to be mean.  it's just true.

I need raw talent.  
It's the most sensual.
To see someone without the autotuning, the airbrushing, just THEM. 
humans are by nature imperfect and when you airbrush and autotune it just takes away from the beauty that mankind innately is.
You need to truly try to express something to be a successful singer.
Regina Spekor is raw, natural, human.
and I love it.
she's organically boho even? 
does that even exist?
I love expressing myself.
I love telling the truth.

there is someone I just expressed my feelings to and the verdict is not in yet on whether that was successful or not....we shall see.

We shall see.




  1. Guess that's what we have in common. We both love a good story. You were a great story teller at your concert. Your parents must be proud. I think I figured out which ones they are in your photos. Sorry, no puppy since Fernando.