Wednesday, November 17, 2010

being a duckling

Be a leader, not a follower they say.  It all depends on how you look at it, and what you are "following".  For six months I followed a passion for outreach, fund raising, and raising public awareness on major social issues.  It was wonderful, but like anything only time tells if its the best place for you to be. 

So my time as a canvasser is over.  It was a wonderful, enlightening, fufilling six months.  But unfortunately after months of pouring everything I have into campaigning I have realized some very important things.

1)  When you're working full time canvassing, you cannot sing on a regular basis.  I was BLOWING my voice out every day trying to speak over cars, buses, and the general public of New York.  (New York is a LOUD place).  I loved every moment of it  (well maybe not EVERY moment, but most). For the sake of my health as a singer the time came to resign.
2)  I love outreach work.  I love Campaigning.  I love making a difference.  The people I met at Grassroots inspired me every single day I was there, this is why I stayed for so long.  Grassroots made me realize my love of being an activist, but I don't think canvassing is the way I am meant to express my inner-activist.   I see myself finishing my schooling as an opera singer, and continuing to organize and execute concerts for major non-profits (just like the ones I canvassed for).
3)  Planned Parenthood Federation of America does some of the most amazing work of any non-profit out there.  I am planning on organizing a concert in their honor this coming spring.  I think pieces composed by female composers, or operas and songs with strong female-roles will be the focus of the's still in the works though.  If anyone has any ideas/suggestions please let me know.
4)   Life is wonderful, and too short to be stressed beyond words at 21 years old.

So yea.  Those are (just a few) things I learned.  I plan to blog more about my time as a canvasser, and certain CRAZY, AMAZING, and plain FRIGHTENING interactions I've experienced.   It's seriously the best and the worst job in the world.

I'm back in the saddle as they say as far as focusing on the reality that is my life.  I want to be a singer.  I don't know if that means opera singer, choral singer, subway singer, or karaoke singer (HAHA- just kidding, sorta LOL), but I want to SING.  Expressing the passion and faith I have in myself and the world through music IS my calling.  I'm not sure EXACTLY how I'm going to get there, or where I'll be in ten years but I KNOW that if I give it my all and follow my dream like ducklings follow their mother I will be somewhere that is exactly where I'm meant to.   From now on,  I'm only going to follow MY dreams, not dreams others have for me, not someone elses dream, not a campaign, just me.  I want to be a singer,  I'm going to use my skill and passion to make it happen, for MYSELF.

Anyway,  Thanksgiving is soon.  I'm so thankful for my life, my family, my friends, my pets, and my voice.

Till next time.


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