Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a blast from the PAST!

7th heaven (n):
  1. A state of great joy and satisfaction.
  2. The farthest of the concentric spheres containing the stars and constituting the dwelling place of God and the angels in the Muslim and kabbalist systems.

  I love the show Seventh Heaven.  I grew up on it, and though I'm not religious I really think the show helped teach me some of the same values my parents worked so hard to hammer into my head.  Honestly, if the show is one's real.  They are a HUGE family, (7 kids, 2 parents, a dog, as well as the hundreds of people who are in-and-out of the Camden house as "charity-cases" persay throughout the series. 
    I think what I love so much about it, is you won't find a show targeted for people of all ages that is so "G" rated now-a-days.   We're all so used to the shows of Showtime and HBO, raunchy sex-filled episodes with profanity, nudity, blood and violence. 
    Sometimes, less is more and alluding to things is more effective than exposing them in their entirety. 

    When I see their happy faces, smiling back at me!
    I know there's no greater feeling, than the love of a family.
    Where can you go?  When the world won't treat you right?
    The answer is home, that's the one place that you'll find....

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