Monday, March 9, 2009

Breaks and Relaxation

Hello is there anybody out there?  I'm new to this :)

I've been on my Spring Break for a week now and I feel more stressed than when School let out a week ago.  This is because I have a massive 20th Century History Final right after we get eight days to be exact!  Argh. I don't think I've ever had to know so much information before.  

My boyfriend Tim and I have been together all break and I realized a few seconds ago that I missed him.  Missed him when we've been together for a week with no classes, no school?? This is ridiculous!!  I'm laughing to myself writing this, but it's true.  And, it made me think. What is relaxation anyway?  Does the state of mind even exist???

"Relax",  I'm sure you are all told often as I am.  Usually right after "Relax!" is stated to me I become even more engulfed in my "stressed" state of being.  Even when you are on vacation you still are thinking of everything you HAVE to do when you get back, everything that is waiting for you...People who stress and obsess often come out on top, in example academics.  Does being stressed make you driven?  We all know being driven makes you succeed.  Is it one big cycle?  I have a few friends that are not very driven, but they are also not very stressed and they rarely come out on top in academic and performing fields.  People who say they never get stressed or nerves before a performance are lying to themselves.  That is common knowledge. :) 

To make things short for this first post.  I do believe that being stressed often results in drive.  And drive is important.  People with drive end up on top.  As as much as Barack Obama is trying to knock everyone down to the same level of intellect, wealth, and prosperity I do believe that trying your hardest, and having drive will get you where you need and want to be. 

Till next time all. :)

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