Friday, March 13, 2009

Sex and the City...

Hello Everyone and Anyone! :)

So today, when I was suppose to be studying for my 20th Century Music History Test (Yes, that is still going NEVER ends), I watched about seven episodes of Sex and the City.  Can I just say that is has turned into my favorite show over the past month.  It has dethroned the magnificent Gossip Girl and taken the crown.  Though, there is a new GG on Monday that I'm immensely excited for :).  

I realized that every woman would love to be the beautiful Ms. Carrie Bradshaw. To write your own column on the most riveting subject out there-sex, for a renowned newspaper, have a mysterious gorgeous business-man and the perfect boyfriend both after you thinking you're the girl for them, to have the best gay-husband in the world,  the three-best girlfriends who are there for you no matter what and with whom you have the best times with, a closet that even a celebrity would be content with, and the perfect apartment on the upper-east side of Manhattan.  Being the main character, you always feel an inkling of sympathy toward Carrie no matter if she is in the wrong or the right-and she is the kind of woman that many of us aspire to be.  She has her flaws as anyone does, but that makes her even more real and believable.

I find a bit of myself in each of the characters.  I think that is why this show has been such a success.  It reaches out to women of any age showing that it is ok for you to be sexual and care about your own sexual pleasure.  It was the beginning of the "women having sex like men" era-that is still out there today.  If it's ok for men to be like that, why can't women be?  It shows the power that women have in our society and how it is a force that can truly not be reckoned with.

It just really amazes me every time that I watch it how I connect to at least one event going on in each episode.  Samantha's character is so witty and doesn't care what people think of her regarding her sexuality.  I really respect that, because I know how it feels to be judged by good friends of yours regarding your sex life.  Even if I am one of the most conservative people regarding sex (only being with one person, the love of my life, my serious boyfriend- fiance/husband to be one day) my one friend always has a judgmental comment or issue with it. And quite frankly, it is because she is jealous because of being so brainwashed she can't even comprehend different opinions and choices, opinions and choices she might even enjoy better than her current repressed fake-ones.  Though I am not as sexually-open and liberal as Samantha regarding sex and my friend is not nearly as sexual as Charlotte (Samantha's friend who constantly judges her), the topics and results of the fights are very similar as my friend and I.

Even though I spoke mostly of Sex and the City in this post I did make a few excellent points I believe about friendship and the power of women. On this blog I will write about how I feel things in my life correspond to events on Sex and the City.  It of course won't be all of it...I'm not that shallow. But, I will talk about the show, because I think it is very realistic and shows the struggles women go through in life,  in dealing with men, their ever-so-complicated sex lives, and the struggles to be heard and respected. 

Till next time all :)

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