Sunday, March 29, 2009

Growing up too fast...

Hello is anybody out there??

I'm in Boston right now.  History test went very well- I am happy with my grade...I worked hard and it paid off- in a good way.  Today I bought two really cute summery shoes.  I thought it was time for something besides my black jcrew flip flops and my payless ballet I got two pairs of shoes from GAP.  One gold pair of sandals and one pair of silver ballet-flats that are very cute and summery.  I love shopping...especially when things are on sale like they were today.  I also bought cute lingerie- I think the boy will approve :)

Over the past few weeks I've realized that I really should thank my parents for the way that they raised me.  Childhood is sacred and growing up too fast is something that is happening oh-too-much in society today.  I'm really glad I was the loser in high school because it made adult things all that more special and perfect.  And I am a better person for it.  And I am going to raise my child(ren) one day the same way that my parents raised me.  Because I know it was the right way.  I get shit for saying that- and I really don't mean to be conceded, bitchy or anything.  I just look around me and see the way different people behave.  There are extremes of course and I believe my parents raising me leaning more to the conservative side but not right-wing nut jobesque is the RIGHT way to do things. :) Again childhood is scared and every child should have one that is lengthy and full of innocent and fun.  I really ought to thank Mr. and Mrs. Gerbera Daisy. :) Love you guys more than anything.  

So I suck at updating this...but I will try harder for sure.   I'll be on a bus from like 8:30PM tonight until 2AM so maybe I'll write an entry and post it in the morning.  Hopefully we'll get back to NYC in one piece.  I'm going apartment hunting this week trying to figure out life for next year. 

Till next time all!

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